A Joke

By Malcolm Flanigan


A mockingbird and an albatross meet where the water’s feeble stretch falls short. Their talons clutch the wet sand, the tide touches their feathers.

“Have you heard about the raven?”

“Yes. I was stunned.”

“It really makes you think.”

“About what?”

“Well,” starts the albatross. But upon noticing a small fish struggling on the shore, he suddenly silences and stings it with his beak. “Little bastard,” he manages to screech before he clamps his jaw down on the tail-fin. The fish dangles from the albatross’s mouth. The mockingbird stares quietly at the albatross – the humid heat floods the air, the water scrapes the lake-floor.

The albatross frantically flaps his wings, lifting into the angry, pink sky, and dropping the dead fish onto the ground.

EDITOR FOR MUSIC  - MALCOLM FLANIGAN is a junior at SUNY Albany. They major in English and minor in Creative Writing. Malcolm's work has been published in the SUNY-wide lit-mag, Gandy Dancer, and MVCC's student-run lit-mag, Argus, for which they were also the editor-in-chief.