a lesson from the open air 

emily wolfson

Make like the sunrise standing still as clouds

come passing through, and he will learn how to

rise and fall —gracefully.


Make like ripples of the waves grazing

his pruning toes, and he will learn the

motions of the world —fleeting.


Make like dances of the tree branches

swaying to the sound of the wind, and he

will learn to find strength in delicacy —



Make like slippery rocks  he stands on to

get a closer look, and he will understand

how to grasp it all —resilience.

Emily Wolfson is a senior at SUNY Albany, graduating with a double major in Psychology and Human Development with a Counseling concentration and a minor in English. She believes that people sometimes get submerged in the movement of the day to day that they forget to not just be in the world, but also of it. Poetry is an introspective way to stop for a minute and connect with yourself and what’s going on around you. Whether reading a poem or writing one, you are given the opportunity to feel something.