A Mother's Heartache

by Mariah Kelly

A still night,
the sounds of normalcy rang in my ears
while dread played with the strings of my heart.

A dim light illuminated the room across the hall,
soft music harmonized with the stifled cries
of my only daughter.

A great actress
secretly haunted by the ghosts of insecurity,
her problems as deep as the wounds
she carved into her.

A shaking hand reached for the blade
that painted roadmaps on her forearms.
Like a burr clinging to a sweater in the fall,
she held onto the crimson hue and begged me to let her go.

A trembling arm held her like a safe protects one’s fortune.

A sharp edge from my shattered heart
taunts me while my head rests on my tear-stained pillow.
I wonder if I had learned to be better for her,
would the sound of heartbreak
untangle itself from the feelings of nostalgia?

MARIAH KELLY: My name is Mariah Kelly and I’m a sophomore transfer student. I’m a double major in English and journalism and I hope to be a traveling journalist. That way, I can see the world while becoming more knowledgeable about both the good and bad things that occur outside of my town. Expressing myself through writing is something that I am very passionate about and I hope that poetry never dies out.