a race 

noelia espinal

Back to you, I’ll run

Cradling your broken heart in my

Delicate, shaking hands, chasing through the obstacle that is my love while Easing the pain of the anxious clock ticking in my chest.

Famished for the love I keep from you, you Gambled your heart for a girl who didn’t want it Habits live long, but yours should’ve died young.

I’ll run, 

Jerking my way to the pit where you lie

Keep your strength intact, you need it. The 

Labyrinth to my love, you couldn’t 

Make it through. I 

Nailed shut that door a long time ago. But my affection for you was

Out of view; you 

Pulled out those nails one by one. Now I

Quake with the fear of losing you. I


Sacrificing the shield I built around my heart, 

Tearing down my walls with each step I take, I’m sorry I

Underestimated you. My heart was in

Vain but you made it 

Whole again. Now I whisk to you,

Yearning to touch your fingertips mere inches from my own Zealous to put your heart back in its place and give you mine.

Noelia Espinal is a sophomore majoring in Business Administration with minors in English and Creative Writing. Her favorite series is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, and she likes to write poems and stories. Her goal is to one day open her own business.