A Story from the Sky

by Kendall Aufmuth

Time flows by as gifts of tears-

grief- with a glass that runs,

catching drops that

fall a little more

with the passing



“Hope” is the illusion with feathers

that perches in the soul

and sings a tune without any words –

never stopping – at all .


She is the speeding

spark of light

ejected by God

from the kingdom of Chaos.

She longs to soar

swifter than the wind

next to the path

of the pulsing stars. 

READER - KENDALL AUFMUTH is a senior at SUNY Albany, graduating with a degree in English and Political Science. She has a particular interest in the psychotherapeutic/anylitic field of literature, using it the premise of her honors thesis. Upon graduation, she will be pursuing further education to go into private consulting work.