A Grocery List

By Savannah Lanz

⁃ Sugar

Chase me through supermarket aisles as I race past fancy cutlery sets that I'd never buy. 

⁃ Band-Aids

Plant kisses on my forehead when we pass the gardening department. 

⁃ Watch

I'd rather stop and smell the roses, but you say you need a new watch so we keep moving. 

⁃ Eggs

                        You made yourself eggs this morning so you pick up a carton without looking inside and place it in the cart. 

⁃ Raspberries

I begged you for grapes but when I plucked one from an open bag, I hated it and tried another. 

⁃ Bread

The first was too mushy, the second too sour. We didn't buy grapes. 

⁃ Milk

You grab a six pack. 

⁃ New Lock

We walk past the fancy cutlery sets again 

-Paper Towels

You ask me if I want one. I say no. 

⁃ Salt

Because I don't need a cutlery set when I can just use the knife you jammed in my back.