By Alyssa Shanderson

He used to bring me hot coffee every late afternoon,

Because he knew my passion and writing

Kept me awake until the sun was up.

Dark roast, black,

Two sugars.


He wrote a song with me in mind,

About my smile and

Laughter and habits.

He always addressed me by my full name,

But always used his last name because one day we spoke of

Wedding bells in New York City.


But the coffee's gone cold

The passion in my eyes faded

The music has stopped playing

And I cannot sing without an accompaniment.

His last name is only his

The wedding bells cracked

And New York is too far.


The day he told me he didn’t love me anymore

My tongue swelled up inside my mouth,

Preventing me from telling him

All I needed to in a plead

To make him stay.