alyssa wozlonis


Gwen- Wife to Peter

Peter- Husband to Gwen 

 Setting: Animal Hospital

 Time: Sunday night at ten

It’s pouring rain outside, it’s a cold and somewhat disastrous night. Gwen is pacing back and forth, shaking from the cold rain but also in utter fear. Peter is sitting in the waiting room chair, head up against the brick wall, eyes shut. They’re the only two people in the room, it was dead silent apart from Gwen’s footsteps. Peter snaps…


Peter: PLEASE SIT DOWN! Your pacing isn’t going to be helping anyone, especially not Astro.

Gwen and Peter had admitted Astro, their dog because he was throwing up blood after they hit him with their car. 

Gwen: I’m sorry okay, but it makes me feel better. I’m so scared for him right now and pacing seems to be the only thing that’s comforting me, since you’re clearly doing a terrible job at it. 

 Peter: Don’t start with me right now!

 Gwen: Oh really why? Considering you’re probably the reason that Astro even ended up in this place. (Peter’s face gets all red and he proceeds to grip the arm rests of his   chair.) 

 Peter: Shut up, you know very damn well that this is both our faults. 

Gwen: I wasn’t the one who was driving the damn car. You were the one in the driver’s seat, not me. You were the one who was in control of the gas pedals, not me. It was also you, who didn’t check the goddamn mirror before you backed up. So please, tell me how any of this is my fault?

Peter: So you want to go there, fine! It was you who was supposed to lock Astro up in his cage when we left the house, but you didn’t. It was you who was supposed to make sure the doggy door was all locked up before we left the house as well. It was also you who started the argument in the car which distracted me from paying attention. So I love how you’re turning this all on me when you know that it’s your fault too. 

Gwen: Maybe I would have locked the door if you weren’t so busy rushing me. I hate it when you rush me, and look at the result. You have always rushed me into things and look, you just about killed our dog because of it. 

Peter: This should be just great! In the middle of our dog dying, you want to rehash every argument we ever had. Go on, tell me. What did I rush you into? 

Gwen: Practically everything!

Peter: No, you’re not getting off that easily. If you’re going to make a statement like that, you better be ready to back it up. I want the specifics. (Gwen takes a deep breath and finally sits down in a chair.)

Gwen: You know what, screw this. I’m here for Astro, and I’m not getting into this right now. 

Peter bursts off into a maniacal laugh. He turns his head with an evil smirk on his face, and bends down so that Gwen and him are face to face. 

Peter: I’m going to keep bothering you until you tell me Gwen. What’s even funnier to me is the fact that you say I always rush you into things. However, you are never able to finish anything you start. You always give up, but I never do. (Peter starts to poke Gwen in a very irritating fashion, very similar to a child. He keeps repeating the phrase tell me…)

Peter: Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me Gwen. Tell me, tell me, come on Gwen, why wont you tell me? (Gwen begins to get agitated. She tries to keep her cool but just loses it.) 

Gwen: FINE! You want the truth? You were the one who rushed me into a relationship when I thought we weren’t ready. You were the one who rushed me into both an engagement and a wedding. Which is why I broke it off the first time. You never gave me a second to breathe and it was never my choice. It was always what you wanted, never the other way around. Can you also please explain to me how I give up? Considering the fact that I’ve been with you all this time?

Peter: Blaming me seems to be the theme of the day. What do you want from me Gwen? Do you want me to admit to everything? Say it was all of my fault? Blame me for killing the dog and putting you in a relationship you never wanted? Do whatever makes you happy. However, lets not forget the fact that you killed our baby. (Gwen’s mouth is wide open as she sits in utter shock because of what Peter just said. She looks at him and sees tears pouring down his face, while his mouth is trembling.)

Peter: You were not the only person in this relationship. All I wanted was that baby, and you didn’t even give the idea a chance. You just went behind my back and got an abortion, without even telling me. You gave up without even looking back, without giving it a chance. You quit, but you didn’t just quit on me, or the relationship. You quit on that baby as well. (Both of them just sit there looking at each other, they see the doctor coming out of the corner of their eyes and they don’t even look at her. They knew that whatever happened from that moment forward, it was ruined forever. No going back.)

Alyssa Wozlonis Is currently a Freshman at The University At Albany. She has parents, friends, a brother, and a dog named coco who have been very supportive of her. She sends them lots of love and hopes for a great rest of the year!