cali beasley

You’re beautiful,

They say,

Take it as a compliment.

But it's hard to see men jeering at me

In a poorly lit side street as anything less

Than a threat.

They’re just trying to talk to you,

What's the big deal?

The coworker who looks me up and down

And says that I'm looking

Like a ‘whole snack’,

Is trying to talk to me?

Well nothing bad has happened to you,

It's harmless.

Tell that to your daughter,

After she has been followed halfway home

By a man she gave a quarter to

For the bus.

A man who only gave up

When she walked fifteen minutes out of her way,

Hands shaking,

Into the nearest police station instead.

Cali Beasley is a sophomore student at University at Albany studying Political Science with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to read and write in her spare time.