By Eredia Derrick Agthamiogie

Why does the caged bird sing?
Does its wings yearn for the freedom told by generations of prisoners whose names are lost
A stolen identity of curls built off the notion of hate
You hate so much; you hate when your shown love
The art of self-love is so foreign to a prisoner's mind
Like the taste of summer's breeze on its wings
It’s just a dream that keeps their head in the sky
You see
It's rare for a bird to see the cage
Not cell bars but cell walls that inhabit one's mind
Walls that grow stronger with time
Walls that block out songs of freedom
Walls made up of untrue phrases & stereotypes by false prophets
"I'm not one of them"
"I find those type of women too loud"
"Slavery was over 200 years ago, get over it"
Tell me
You hear the cage bird sing but you don't understand anything until you stand in its spot
But what if they glorify your abuse & call it righteous
Like being told your lifestyle is savage while being trapped in the belly of the beast
Ironic isn't it
The bird emulates the cage, just to become a victim to institutional lies
Saying sit & pray not realizing they are sitting prey
However, some birds just sing
But in the same song lies a line that reads, 
"Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird"
The mockingbird provides music never heard before
Music that tells the struggle of the caged bird & its conditions
But a sin doesn't apply to the ones who made the rules
So, if you ask why a songbird was shot down for professing its dream
Or why a Nightingale was blasted for humming lines from the ballot or the bullet
Just know
It's more efficient to make a bird afraid to fly
Rather than to cut off its wings outright