by Victoria Ferraro

Black. I like my coffee black. Its dark, honest, straight to the point.The blunt taste of coffee grinds.The distinct aroma that fills up the room.The taste it leaves behind in your mouth.Sometimes I like it sweet, with 4 sugars and milk that fills up the rest of the cup, but thats the only thing it does, is sugar coat it and fill it up.Adding ingredients into my coffee just to make it taste better.I thought I could do the same thing with my life, add ingredients, but the aroma got stronger. Human senses work together, Aroma of this bitter dark- roast filling the room will involuntarily affect the taste of the coffee, even with milk and sugar added.The alkaline feeling on your tongue wont disappear.Its burned, engraved into the back of your taste buds, effecting every possible new flavor and turning it bitter.When a coffee is deemed as "earthy", it has a musty sense.Its damp and soggy like the black soil underground.Many argue it is undesirable because of the aroma it gives off.But the kick it gives you, the spicy, fiery, surprising taste it shocks you with, revives your taste buds, every last one.Thats what honesty does, it revives you, makes you come back to your senses that were blinded before by the dark aroma.So before you go and sugar coat all the bullshit,just to fill it up with milk that will eventually spoil,ask yourself Wouldn’t you rather take your coffee black like Me?

VICTORIA FERRARO: My name is Tori Ferraro, I am a Psychology major at the University at Albany, and I am from Staten Island, NY. I write about my experiences, what I know, and how I feel. No regrets in life, no "what ifs", just writing everything down on paper.