Musical Autobiography / by Arch Magazine

Being an aspiring musician, I look at the world as a song waiting to be written. I remember getting that first inspiration to write a song. It was a music director that I worked with when I was 15 that showed me how to write songs and I went home that night and wrote something of my very own. I was in the shower and while humming I came up with some words that caused me to cut my shower short and run to a notebook and pen to jot it down. It was a song about bullying that I wrote in the shower. That's how song number 1-10 came into existence. The most important thing I learned about songwriting was letting the listener live through a moment of your life. I started writing about past experiences of bullying, first loves, having friends, bad days - basically everything I could conceive of or have lived through became a song. At the end of my career, I want my life to be told through music. 

Zahid Reddy