Blurred Days

by Kendall Aufmuth

I’m a lot like Thursday –

Confused where to begin,


defiant towards the nearing end.

Thursdays want to keep going,

all while yearning to stop.

There’s nothing more fruitful than seeking the less irrelevant of life.


Who am I to complete the unsaid?

Despicable, admirable; who am I?

The Angel of Death kisses whomever she pleases

while life happens to dark commodities called demise.

Miseries come in fleeting sheets of burning ice.


I feel the pain pierce through

a subtle pinch to my soul.

With a flinch and blink, I

breathed the heavy earth

saying hello to an old friend in the sky.


He sees me in a sudden blink

as I feel His presence like

a creeping delicacy with tasteless anomaly.


From Thursday to Friday-

From Life to Death-

I crave for my calling…

The end I suppose.

READER - KENDALL AUFMUTH is a senior at SUNY Albany, graduating with a degree in English and Political Science. She has a particular interest in the psychotherapeutic/anylitic field of literature, using it the premise of her honors thesis. Upon graduation, she will be pursuing further education to go into private consulting work.