By Devin Ramcharitar

I prefer to use cash as opposed to card when purchasing items, especially when they’re less expensive. It’s mainly because I can save up coins and at the same time use them for tolls and the next Mcdonalds stop. You never know when you’ll need those quarters for pumping up your low tire or those pennies for when you find one of those machines that turn them into flat caricatures. Those machines are cool and all, but lets not forget that our cash and quarters have images on them as it is, which are underrated because there's a gold mine of historical significance in them. Our coins have the faces of presidents on it who performed moral tasks that influenced the world we live in today. If Donald Trump had his face on some cash, then it would be a million dollar bill to match his million dollar smile. In that event, he sure would have to put a lot of money into getting it printed on there. But a million dollar bill would be useless! What would one have to gain with a million dollar bill? It's simply not plausible. Just think, how would you receive compensation for that? It would certainly require way too many hundreds, and you'd still have a hard time finding something reasonable to buy with those! No, Id much rather stick with the smaller bills. It's a much more efficient system, and it is, at the very least, functional. However, this rambling nonsense is getting us nowhere . I guess what I'm really trying to say is, we need change.

DEVIN RAMCHARITAR: My name is Devin Ramcharitar, aged 20. I'm a Junior, and I'm Biology major. My writing influences mostly come from music and songs.Its a pleasure to have work considered for publication!