chris lownie

There exists upon the rafters—
A most peculiar scene—
A mouse tending to his silken fur—
And his downy feathers’ sheen.

A mouse with wings lives in the barn—
and has avoided the cat thus far.
But one-part mouse and one-part bird-
Who finds that not bizarre?

If one can call him “Field Mouse”-
Then is his name also “Lark”?
For while Adam named the animals—
He left us in the dark—

As for what to do when a name—
Has outlived its use and service.
While I care not, the problem
May make others rather nervous.

He scampers, mostly grounded-
And dislikes open skies.
He fumbles about with heavy wings-
But still, he never flies.

Another man might think and say—
Did A Fair God Make Such A Quirk?
It Hops, It Preens, But Cannot Fly!

—I find not myself irked.

Mister Mouse goes about his day—
If somewhat encumbered,
But if I picked him up and kept him—
He’d find his days unnumbered.

Chris Lownie is a poet from Levittown, New York and a junior at UAlbany. An English major in his third year of study, he is accomplished in both poetry and fiction writing and is proud to be featured in this year's edition of Arch. His life's dream is to become a published fiction author, but for now he's shooting to become an English professor in his own right.