AAMER KHAN: I am Aamer Khan, a Junior Informatics major in SUNY Albany.  I am a transfer student from both SUNY Plattsburgh & Hudson Valley Community College. Although born in Albany, I moved very soon after to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for most of my life, and then lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and now back in New York for University. // I love to create. I love to write stories. I love to write poetry. I love to draw characters, I love to bring them to life. I love to make music, I love to think, and I love to dream. // My dream job is to be an author and have a multimedia studio or company that creates animated media and video games. My goal, no matter the form of media, is to inspire an audience and introduce them to a world where they feel involved. I want them to remember these works in their hearts. Most importantly, I want to impact their lives with a strong positive message. Live in the moment, live to love, and love life. // Believe.

ABEER AWAWDEH: My name is Abeer Awawdeh and I am passionate about photography. It allows me to reflect images of objects or people broader than how they actually look and express details that I think are missing which will allow one to be thankful for things might have taken for granted. 

ANDREW AUNG: I currently attend UAlbany as a freshman. When friends and family have failed, literature did not. I write because I am afraid of death. I write because I think, because I am.

DEVIN RAMCHARITAR: My name is Devin Ramcharitar, aged 20. I'm a Junior, and I'm Biology major. My writing influences mostly come from music and songs.Its a pleasure to have work considered for publication!

ELIZABETH POWE is from a small town on the east end of Long Island named Greenport. Currently a junior with a history major and English minor at the University at Albany, she aspires to pursue her education to law school to become a heath law attorney. She dedicates her love of writing poetry and short stories to her family who have always encouraged her to follow her passions. 

HANNAH TARANTO is currently a Junior at UAlbany majoring in Biology and Pyschology. She transferred to UAlbany in the fall of 2017 from Tufts University in Boston where she lived with her service dog, Boston. In her free time, she enjoys writing bout topics close to her heart and reading historical fiction novels.

JACOB BEILINSON: I am currently a Freshman at the University of Albany. I'm from Connecticut for the most part, a little bit of Long Island, now an Albany resident. Living apart from that world, exploring this new diverse environment has very much shaped me as a person and as a poet. Poetry is a part of my exploration process and I explore my processes through poetry. 

JOSH SMYTH is an international student from the UK majoring in English Literature. Josh also enjoys photography and music, and his favourite poet is Frank O'Hara.

KASSANDRA MILLIGAN - I am a senior majoring in English and minoring in Art. I have been writing my whole life and recently have been sharing my works to a larger scale of people than just myself and some family. It is one of the easiest ways for me to express my feelings, like catharsis. Poetry is one of my passions and I would like to pursue writing poetry further in life. I am continuing my education at University at Albany to obtain my master's degree in English. I enjoy listening to music, creating art, and spending time with my family. 

KATIE GIBSON is in her second year at the University at Albany. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree with a major in English and a double minor in psychology and education. She's never submitted her writing anywhere before so this is super exciting!  

LUCIANO FERRARA is a junior at SUNY Albany and a member of the English Honor Society. Excelling in creative writing and fiction, Luciano is also an accomplished lyricist and songwriter. He is currently working on a fantasy novel and hopes to graduate with honors from UAlbany, and attend grad school in an effort to become an author and an important part of the modern literary world. He is a contributing writer for the music press site The Alternative and is releasing a solo record, "The Divide", on May 4th.

MARIAH KELLY: My name is Mariah Kelly and I’m a sophomore transfer student. I’m a double major in English and journalism and I hope to be a traveling journalist. That way, I can see the world while becoming more knowledgeable about both the good and bad things that occur outside of my town. Expressing myself through writing is something that I am very passionate about and I hope that poetry never dies out.

NOELIA ESPINAL: My name is Noelia Espinal and I am a freshman at UAlbany. I have a major in Business Administration and a minor in Creative Writing. I love reading fiction novels, preferably fantasy, and my favorite books are the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. Over the years, my love for books helped me grow a love for writing. I like writing poems and short stories, and I hope that one day I can have a book with my name on the cover in bookstores everywhere.

RYAN BUCCHOLZ: My name is Ryan Buchholz and I am a freshman at UAlbany! I grew up on the North Fork of Long Island where I learned that I have a passion for writing short stories and poetry at the young age of eight. In my free time, I involve myself with theatrical productions; fall semester of 2017 I was affiliated with the MTA in their show titled "Heathers". My love for writing has aspired me to pursue a double major of English and Journalism.

SARAH TAVERNESE: My name is Sarah Kate Tavernese and I moved to Albany from New York City in 2016. I am majoring in English and Sociology and graduating in May 2018. My favorite hobbies include painting, cooking and trying new foods. I enjoy traveling abroad and teaching English to native Spanish and Italian speakers. 


TIFFANY LINTON: Goal seeking 20 year old SUNY Albany student Tiffany Linton is an English major double minoring in Journalism and Communications. After transferring from Mount Saint Mary College aspiring to become a teacher, she began a new route and took her writing skills to the next level. She is currently a writer for the Odyssey as well as Her Campus and created her own blog “The Tiffany Blues.” With a heart for the arts, she began writing poetry in 3rd grade and now as a junior in college, creates spoken word pieces for different events including open mic nights. She plans to graduate in 2019 while achieving more and more accomplishments.

TRACEE HERBERT: My name is Tracee Herbert and I am a Sophmore at UA studying Business and Theatre; I am from Manhattan, yada, yada, Yada. I can sit here and describe myself in terms of all of the different categories that I can separate myself into however throughout my journey to adulthood ,thus far,  I am learning/ wanting to let my words and my creativity be a better indicator of myself. We spend so much time trying to create this formal elevator pitch of who we are and we become so rehearsed in our everyday lives. This is one of the many reasons why I started to write on my own terms, to build and gain my own identity. I don't label what I write as poetry, spoken word or essays; they are simply my internal thoughts as I attempt to make sense of our personal questions, assessments & insecurities, the world, and our individual places and purposes within it. I always try to write from the heart and I hope that as you read my work you feel something in yours as well. - Sending eternal Peace, Love, and Postive Vibrations

VICTORIA FERRARO: My name is Tori Ferraro, I am a Psychology major at the University at Albany, and I am from Staten Island, NY. I write about my experiences, what I know, and how I feel. No regrets in life, no "what ifs", just writing everything down on paper.