By Benjamin Lem

It doesn’t take much to hatch an idea,
To spark an illuminating flame,
To light the proverbial bulb.

A single word gives new life upon the parchment.
A Myriad Worlds will rise out of simple letters and dynamic phrases,
Parades of grand casts shall march across the pages and chapters,
And there shall be plots of plots to be unraveled and resolved…
All patiently waiting to be released from their binding covers.

A single stroke creates a window in the canvas.
Visions of sherbet skies become a new horizon upon the wall,
As visages of famed figures become immortalized in fine earth.
With hands stained in paint and passionate eyes looking forward,
The brush moves with feverish focus to finalize a masterpiece.

A single note shall generate magic upon the staff.
The noise of chaos shall be condensed into serene song,
Entrancing the masses with sightless spectacles of sound.
Channel the lightning and command the thunder,
For you are the conductor and composer of your symphony.

So ignite that flame and light that bulb,
Become the master of your chosen craft.
Build a legacy larger than life,
And transcend from the torment of time.