Crossing the Field

by Jacob Beilinson

The overgrown grasses of green

Slouch under a cool morning dew

Dawn peaks over the dim scene

Complimenting the mountains hue

The field is barren of any tree

Aside from just one

Calm, like a pacified sea

Untouched by the sun

A forest lies at its edge

A land of fear and fright

The eerie hedge

Cast under an ominous light

An unbeaten path, lined by flowers

Lead to the woods, over the hours

JACOB BEILINSON: I am currently a Freshman at the University of Albany. I'm from Connecticut for the most part, a little bit of Long Island, now an Albany resident. Living apart from that world, exploring this new diverse environment has very much shaped me as a person and as a poet. Poetry is a part of my exploration process and I explore my processes through poetry.