Dedication to War  

adolfo lopez

Reminder, Remember, Retain

War, reminds us of frailty,

that in humans abound


Our time is short, yet we shorten it more

with unruly violence and dedication to war


The faults of our fathers,

becomes the bane of our sons

A cross to bare

not made of wood, only of guns


We hate, we scheme, we kill

"We're great! Our team is here for the thrill!"

We murder, we conquer, we doom.

" The population is growing, we need to make room!"


Sentiments, passed down in time

Sentiments, passed down to keep us in line

Sentiments, forged in our hearts

We call it nature,

but nature was never meant to be dark


War, reminds us of an end.

An end to tyranny

An end to heroism

An end to the need to defend


The need to defend, a world we destroy

The need to defend, our girls and our boys

But to whom do we owe, defense in the end?

Defense seems to be, an excuse to pretend.


Pretend to make justice

Pretend to make peace.

Pretend to make one

The West and The East


But be fooled not, of wars intentions

and the uncanny use, of deadly inventions

War is a crime, that if met with time

Will lead to our ruin, and halt all progression

Adolfo Lopez is a senior at UAlbany.  A major in Journalism and minor in English, he's always held a passion for writing in all it's forms. He grew up between Brooklyn and upstate New York and began writing poetry as a way to formulate his thoughts and emotions while he was incarcerated as a teen and young adult. Now, he uses his spoken and written words to try and reach others. He currently runs and operates Graduating in May 2019, he is excited to see what the future holds for a young writer in the world.