by Tracee Herbert

Sometimes, I feel like I'm on an endless roller coaster
this never ending cycle of High and Lows
I'm on this involuntary ride with no one to help guide
my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings and my decisions
my brain, malfunctioning from the increasing overload
some days my voice suffocates as it remains stuck in my throat, in a silent hell paralyzed by uncertainty and a fear of what lies at the end of the road,

in the distance
I see my dreams, my success, my wants and my needs but after every little step
I question
who am I supposed to be?
searching for the right answer, a clue or a sign that I'm going in the right direction
when will I realize that there's no right or wrong and learn that experience and time is what’s truly divine 

TRACEE HERBERT: My name is Tracee Herbert and I am a Sophmore at UA studying Business and Theatre; I am from Manhattan, yada, yada, Yada. I can sit here and describe myself in terms of all of the different categories that I can separate myself into however throughout my journey to adulthood ,thus far,  I am learning/ wanting to let my words and my creativity be a better indicator of myself. We spend so much time trying to create this formal elevator pitch of who we are and we become so rehearsed in our everyday lives. This is one of the many reasons why I started to write on my own terms, to build and gain my own identity. I don't label what I write as poetry, spoken word or essays; they are simply my internal thoughts as I attempt to make sense of our personal questions, assessments & insecurities, the world, and our individual places and purposes within it. I always try to write from the heart and I hope that as you read my work you feel something in yours as well. - Sending eternal Peace, Love, and Postive Vibrations