EDITOR IN CHIEF- BRENNA CROKER is a graduating senior, moving to aim for her Master’s degree in English here at the University at Albany.

ASSISTANT EDITOR - SAVANNAH LANZ  is a sophomore from Verona, NY. She majors in English and Theatre with a minor in Communications. Her poetry was featured in New York’s Best Emerging Poets and a staged reading of her one-act play, Push Me, was put on through UAlbany’s FRESH ACTS Festival of New Plays.

EDITOR FOR ART - ALEXANDRA STEIG is a senior at SUNY Albany from Long Island. She majors in English and minors in Sociology and Education. She enjoys 19th century poetry and photography but Shakespeare is her absolute favorite.

EDITOR FOR ART - ANDREA GUERRERO is a senior with an English major and is currently in the English BA/MA program. She also has an East Asian Studies major and a Korean minor. Her current focus is on African American literature and film.

EDITOR FOR POETRY - KAYLEIGH SHULTIS is a junior at SUNY Albany majoring in English. She enjoys writing poetry, and opened for Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tyehimba Jess in the fall of 2017. When not writing, Kayleigh can be found teaching yoga at the University gym, or tutoring writing and reading to students in the capital region through Varsity Tutors.

EDITOR FOR MUSIC  - MALCOLM FLANIGAN is a junior at SUNY Albany. They major in English and minor in Creative Writing. Malcolm's work has been published in the SUNY-wide lit-mag, Gandy Dancer, and MVCC's student-run lit-mag, Argus, for which they were also the editor-in-chief.

ARCHIVAL ASSISTANT - JEFFREY ERNEST DOHERTY is a first year student and member of the World of Writing LLC. Even though he is more of a film and video game lover, writing has always been his strong suit and a fun pastime, ever since he was in fifth grade. He wants to publish a full-length novel, but poems are a good place to start.


INBOX MANAGER - STEPHY ZHAO is a jobless senior at the University at Albany. She majors in jobless English and jobless East Asian Studies.

OUTREACH - SEEMANTA GHOSH is a sophomore at SUNY Albany who has majors in Human Development and Psychology along with a minor in English. Her passions include writing poetry, devouring chocolate chip cookies, and casually dancing around campus.

READER - RYAN SZPICEK is a freshman at SUNY Albany who is currently pursuing a minor in English, and is unsure of a major. Though, reading and writing continues to be a passion that constantly expands his world. I'm excited to see where I'll find myself!

READER - KENDALL AUFMUTH is a senior at SUNY Albany, graduating with a degree in English and Political Science. She has a particular interest in the psychotherapeutic/anylitic field of literature, using it the premise of her honors thesis. Upon graduation, she will be pursuing further education to go into private consulting work.

READER - ELENA LIPSIEA is a junior at the University at Albany. She is a double major in English and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She identifies as a woman, vegan, feminist, activist, and writer.


Additional thanks:

Thank you to Dr. Jil Hanifan for your unending support and for allowing us to use the Writing Center for our home base.

Many, many thanks to the University at Albany's English Department and to all the professors who have allowed us into their classrooms.