Everything Falls Apart

by Kassandra Milligan


Childhood memories plague me now.

Nostalgic; a different comfort from the pain,

Songs on the radio brings floods racing to my heart.

Driving by the places we grew up living,

We’ve played, loved and fought

Take me back to those easier times.


Transport me back to those innocent times.

So badly I want to go back now,

Young children like siblings we fought,

Our skinned knees were our deepest pain.

Running through the sandpit freely just living

Grasping for those days held deep within my heart.


Weeping pulses through my veins to the heart.

Landscapes have changed since our times.

Running and falling, reminding us we’re living.

Our hideout place almost unrecognized now,

These changes bring a new lonely pain

Tears from years far back, being fought.


Like siblings we fought…

These pieces of my childhood housed forever in my heart

Children never intend to cause pain,

Thinking back wishing we could change the times

That led you to where you are now

A shock you left us, the living…


Sitting in the living

Room, the last place we fought.

Hymns penetrating my memories; the reality now

Slowing the beating of my heart

I beg God please, take us back to those times

Now He’s taken all your pain.


What about my pain?

What about my living?

Alone to embrace my end times.

We fought, my God I know we fought,

Forever in hell with this defied heart

I want to join you now.


Forever your memory, your life lives in my heart

All I have is waiting for the conclusion, my end times

Dying just to be with you again is all that eases the pain.

KASSANDRA MILLIGAN - I am a senior majoring in English and minoring in Art. I have been writing my whole life and recently have been sharing my works to a larger scale of people than just myself and some family. It is one of the easiest ways for me to express my feelings, like catharsis. Poetry is one of my passions and I would like to pursue writing poetry further in life. I am continuing my education at University at Albany to obtain my master's degree in English. I enjoy listening to music, creating art, and spending time with my family.