Everything I Never Was

by Kendall Aufmuth

Mirrors are my least favorite

household object, and I

try to avoid them at

all costs. When I walk by

them hanging along the

long hallway, tears well up.

Their reflective abilities are

the worst. My failures

write themselves on the

glass, creating the

person I always see. Whoever

came up with

such a cruel reminder anyways?


Mirrors are only good

to do lines on. Lines that

create an imaginary

idea that you’re

worth something. I’ll

always avoid eye contact with

the mirror in the corner,

fearing that I might see all of the judgments

I have about myself reflected in its eyes.

READER - KENDALL AUFMUTH is a senior at SUNY Albany, graduating with a degree in English and Political Science. She has a particular interest in the psychotherapeutic/anylitic field of literature, using it the premise of her honors thesis. Upon graduation, she will be pursuing further education to go into private consulting work.