by Kayleigh Shutlis

“Faire l'amour en été”


What have you done?

Wouldn’t you love to know

I’m just curious

He’s curious to know where I’ve laid my love

He’s curious to know where I’ve                  laid

                    With him

Been these days, hasn’t seen me since that day                        on the beach

Where you been baby? I’ll pick you up at half past                                           four

 Funny, how a couple of seconds feels like                                                                  years ago.

EDITOR FOR POETRY - KAYLEIGH SHULTIS is a junior at SUNY Albany majoring in English. She enjoys writing poetry, and opened for Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tyehimba Jess in the fall of 2017. When not writing, Kayleigh can be found teaching yoga at the University gym, or tutoring writing and reading to students in the capital region through Varsity Tutors.