Farewell Light

Samantha Mehrkens

A Tiffany lamp sits raised

 Upon a pristine pedestal,

In a serene decaying room.

The Tiffany lamp solely illuminates

 This decrepit and despondent space.



The maid only cleans the Tiffany lamp.

The Lamp is the one significant aspect of the room.


Finely and carefully dusting the corners,

This mid-century piece of stained-glass artistry is priceless.

Anything surrounding it could never compare.

Everything surrounding it,

Left untouched for decades, covered in a film of dust.


The Lamp

So unique,

So delicate,

 So magnificent,


So tangible, sitting in the reach of others.


The maid disappears.

The maid will only comeback when she finds it necessary to clean the lamp again.

An hour passes, and something is uneasy within the house.

 The serene warmth has fled the broken-down room,

 Taking its place; An uncomfortable feeling.


 The walls begin to tremble.


The floors fall through.


And with the falling floorboards,

The Lamp is carried to its demise.


First to disappear is its radiant gleam,

next to touch the senses is the unmistakable sound of shattering glass.


It was only a matter of time,

The rest of the room had been ignored for years.

Left to fall apart.


Now blending into its setting

 The Lamp; worthless.

All the times it was cleaned, rendered pointless.

No longer a Tiffany lamp,

But just chards of colored glass and a deformed metal base

Amid the other debris from the room.


The maid never came back.

Samantha Mehrkens is a freshman at the University at Albany, double majoring in both Psychology and Human Development. Sam is from Rockville Centre, NY on Long Island and has always been extremely passionate about her poetry since she started in the 10th grade. For Sam, her writing is the perfect channel to express important issues, topics, and self-reflections usually in relation to psychology, that she believes everyone should be actively thinking about. Through her writing, she hopes to create some wave of change within ourselves. If you would like to follow her journey, follow her Instagram: @sammehrkens.