he rests upon the ocean floor

By Alyssa Palladino

The waves are soft, the cries are loud. The ship is gone; among the stars now. Flailing arms splash, trying to remain afloat, but our lives have ended with that sinking boat. The hope of a future ripped out of our hands, though all we wanted was life in a far-away land. God, if I had known those tickets would seal my fate. I am not old enough yet to arrive at the gate. Will my children remember me? Will I be replaced? Will my wife forgive me, for this being our last day?

I wrapped my darling Ella and sweet Thomas in fleece, hoping their dreams tonight to be dreams of a calm peace. But this April chill is waiting to kill. Just not my children, no, please not my children. My last act as a father: watching them sail away. The crying face of my wife; still, forever my beautiful ray. Her tears will forever be etched in my heart. But now and forever may not be that far apart. The cries are growing quiet now, only a few remain. The water, sharp as knives, though I feel no pain. Will the tale of the Unsinkable be a secret, best kept? How could it be when there is so much death? A little boy floats beside me, eyes still bright. Perhaps this is because he has seen the heavenly light. A good life for my family was the only dream I dreamed. From the bottom of the ocean, my soul shall eternally scream.