Hi, My name is

By Marley Clarke


My name is Insecurity,

My name is crying in the bathroom stalls,

walking through the halls

with my head down

not being able to look men in the eye

because i’m sure they’d see that in the deepest crevice of my soul

the fear that i’m lesser than

Seeing every instagram model and using them as comparisons

and proof, that i’d never compare to them


My name is fear of commitment

My father wasn’t loyal

I have brother and sisters that are illegitimate

My name is scared of rings, and what they stand for

because how real could love be if i’ve never experienced it

could the relationships in the novels i've devoured

ever compare to the real thing?

could I be the woman that is cherished

regardless of my deficits?

or is every man like my daddy

who lies just for the hell of it


My name is stage fright

and what is art if it can’t be viewed, critiqued, put into the limelight

The only thing that helps

dull the pain

is when I push my pen

and put my heart and soul

so that it reflects

my essence

but if it can’t be performed, noticed, appreciated

but how could I ? when the butterflies attack

and my hand shake, and my lungs can’t seem to gather enough air

so I lock it in my journal with the key

so no one can ever see my art

because that art is me


How are you...

Nice to meet you...

I’m growth

Im accepting my flaws

Small eyes, chubby tummy, thick thighs and all

Knowing that I am beautiful within

And hoping some of that beauty exudes from my skin

Progressing, regressing,

A curse within a blessing


Hi, my name is trust

My name is not everyone is my father And that no matter how many times my heart is shattered,

mishandled, tangled, and neglected

I know that eventually someone will respect it

Hi, my name is confidence

My name is art is art regardless of who’s watching it

And that someday I’ll be the one on the mic, that people are gawking at

I’ll be the one whose poems drive the strongest to their knees and

“Another encore” “please Marley please”

But until then,

It was truly nice to meet you...