I Was Reincarnated by Death

by Kendall Aufmuth

Edgar Allan Poe seeps into my mind

flowing out through my empty smile.

My blood is black as it drips from my veins

that were sliced into a little too hard as usual—


I complete my blood drawn poems

under the evening star,

intertwined with weeping clouds

chasing after empty dreams within dreams.

Beads of sweat trickle down my face,

laced with my death: odorless, invisible,

to all but me. Wishes no longer exist

as the evening star burns and dies with

the rest of the brightness it gives off.


Edgar Allan Poe seeps into my mind.

My words cut in venomous notions,

pulling the trigger against my temple.

READER - KENDALL AUFMUTH is a senior at SUNY Albany, graduating with a degree in English and Political Science. She has a particular interest in the psychotherapeutic/anylitic field of literature, using it the premise of her honors thesis. Upon graduation, she will be pursuing further education to go into private consulting work.