If I Wrote a Poem Everyday

by SavaNnah Lanz

, I’d, punctuate /// things: weird……….

And be up at 3 AM waiting for you to call

It’s always 3 AM in poems isn’t it.


And because you were doing other things at 3 AM



My metaphors would be vague and

Probably about the moon or your eyes


My words would be twisted

And my tongue wouldn’t flow

Of course, when I say “your”

I’m playing the pronoun game

Appealing to you so that you can have

Your very own


The night

would be tired of seeing me

And my mirror would

be free

of dust, and halfway through each poem

I’d realize they’re all about issues with trust

Because you were doing other things at 3 AM


I wouldn’t write about roses

I’d probably use forget-me-nots

Or gardenias

Or maybe even daisies

I wouldn’t use irony.

I’d italicize a line or two just to make it

pretty on the page

Of course, if I’m reading this to you then…

I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?


I’d say that your eyes are like the sun and

Wish they would go away

I’d fall into a rhyming scheme

And know that I’ve become cliché

I’d struggle to find a way to end it and

Keep coming up short—

Until I realize I don’t need to end it

You, stopped reading by line four

Because you were doing other things at 3 AM


You weren’t writing poems about me

You weren’t writing at all


No writing.

No reading.

No wishing.

No dreaming.

Nothing. Nothing about me.


Instead you were with your “your”


Never mind.


It’s 4 AM


And if I wrote a poem everyday,

I would have already written mine

It’s hidden in my empty voicemail

I don’t know what else you’d find

Perhaps tomorrow’s will be better

With quips on politics and more clever word play

But that’s the thing…

I don’t write poems everyday.


And neither do you.

ASSISTANT EDITOR - SAVANNAH LANZ  is a sophomore from Verona, NY. She majors in English and Theatre with a minor in Communications. Her poetry was featured in New York’s Best Emerging Poets and a staged reading of her one-act play, Push Me, was put on through UAlbany’s FRESH ACTS Festival of New Plays.