In the sky

By Seunghyun Shin


the sound of the wave,

but wavered.

Small tides are still

on the shore

What happened?

That is odd.

Your voice stabilizes

the surface.

The sky is frozen.

All fairytales started to melt.

Would you understand me?

Believe in myself.

An invisible thread

of desire exists.

Those clouds are apart.

Soon they will be

overlapped forever

In the same sky,

waiting for

the wind.

Want to have

first moment of



But separated,

floating away


the sadness of separation

Remind me.

The un-deliverable words

in a glass cradle

and the endless dream.

In the darkness,

believe the visible warmth

Filled and inclined

like that moon.

Would be a long way

You are too far.

Even if so,

my journey

never ends