Employee dreams

By Jeremy Wallace

Staring at the register

Flip another dog.

Wiping down my counter space

Go and check my blog.


This present gets me real excited

Looking toward the next step.

When I make my fortune I’ll be golden

Tanning on my upper deck.


Limos, yachts, and helicopters

Bring me to my next affair.

I don’t care if I’m ugly

All the girlies still will stare.


Eight digit deals and new chrome wheels

I won’t even have to pay.

I’ll take those bills, stack them up

And hand them to my CPA


Pounds of drugs and stacks of cash

Four-plied Charmin wipes my ass.

Stocks and bonds and IRA’s

My money works while I’m at play.


But that’s the future, this is now.

Burgers burning.  Holy cow!

All I can do while I’m awake

Is plan my future and my dream.

Please, God, come soon for heaven’s sake.

Come soon that day when I’m a G.