Those lying eyes

By Ian Macks

Now the vision is clear
For the first time since we crossed paths
Asking for a crowd as you look for a way out
It's already over
Yet you ask for my subscription

I thought it was true
Every bit of praise received
But after realizing it was shared by everyone
I'm wide awake so it won't haunt my dreams

Is it a bad time to bring this all up again?
New voices enter your head every day
But everyone can see the breath you're trying to catch
Trying to avoid what's happening
So long in the saddest form
No need for a goodbye
Each thought about it makes me roll my eyes
Swig down some drink
Smoke and get high
Beginning to feel faceless

The discussion commences
But with those that took advantage of you
This took me down a road I'd never been before
But it got you to stop that talking
Full of excuses that bound you every night to the floor