by Mariah Kelly

You took care of me when I was hungry,
I was selfish enough to expect it
But when 1+1= the two eggs you wanted,
I never learned how to make you

I took you for granted,
The way you held my hand
guided me through the dark,
daunting alleyways
into the bright, confident beauty
of Times Square.
You left my heart
Half alive,
Half dead,
Beating right there.

I wonder if someone else will
Trace lines between the beauty marks on your neck
Where I once imagined the constellations.
Will you tell her you need space?
I hope
one day
I can be your universe again.
be your friend,
The shooting star that adds a sense of
to the dulling, tiring chore that we refer to as

MARIAH KELLY: My name is Mariah Kelly and I’m a sophomore transfer student. I’m a double major in English and journalism and I hope to be a traveling journalist. That way, I can see the world while becoming more knowledgeable about both the good and bad things that occur outside of my town. Expressing myself through writing is something that I am very passionate about and I hope that poetry never dies out.