Gaia Kannan

there are oceans and deserts, cities and castles in her eyes
she watches the world grow old unblinking; no veil covers her eyes

she is the wind that sings and wails and she is the sky above
the ocean’s trench and the mountain’s peak are the same in her eyes

generations have hidden their sins under masks of purity
she is impassive; there is no good or evil in her eyes

once she was a lover, desperate for the warmth of another’s arms
yet love does not blind her; there is no perfection in her eyes

lust, desire, anger, pain: these are things she cannot comprehend
the selfish man and the giving man are equals in her eyes

fear is the poison of those who cannot face their own evils
there is neither hate nor forgiveness to be found in her eyes

she walks beside titans but never stands among them
and does not speak of the monuments reflected in her eyes

Gaia Kannan is a freshman at UAlbany majoring in English. Born in Virginia, she moved to Clifton Park, New York at a young age. She's a big fan of the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres.