My Hair

by Tiffany Linton

Every inch, every curl, and every strand makes up my hair.

A thick afro, more brown than my skin is my hair.

Fluffy, soft, and coily is my hair.

They say, “nappy,” “unmanageable,” “too stiff,” they don’t want my hair.

They say, “unsophisticated,” “childish,” “distracting,” they hate my hair.

I say, “gravity defying,” “natural,” “untouchable,” I’m proud of my hair.

I say, “versatile,” “different,” “unaltered,” I love my hair.

Whether twisted, braided, or dreaded, it is still my hair.

Flat ironed, dyed, or locked, it is still my hair.

Added extensions, big chopped, pigtails, yes. It is my hair.

It will always be my hair.

And if they only knew the strength of my hair.

Tall enough to overlook every obstacle, stands my hair.

Wide enough to wrap you in with love, stretches my hair.

Roots strong enough to bare the pain ancestors once dealt with oh, my hair.

Just as professional, just as appreciated, just as beautiful as theirs, my hair.

TIFFANY LINTON: Goal seeking 20 year old SUNY Albany student Tiffany Linton is an English major double minoring in Journalism and Communications. After transferring from Mount Saint Mary College aspiring to become a teacher, she began a new route and took her writing skills to the next level. She is currently a writer for the Odyssey as well as Her Campus and created her own blog “The Tiffany Blues.” With a heart for the arts, she began writing poetry in 3rd grade and now as a junior in college, creates spoken word pieces for different events including open mic nights. She plans to graduate in 2019 while achieving more and more accomplishments.