Place Poem

By Adolfo Lopez

It’s funny, how a place

so warm, welcoming, secure;

Is the only place we can never return.

Granted, it’s a place of false securities

it prepares you for nothing of the

world ahead

All amenities attainable, provisions provided

A place we all began, no matter where we’re from

Strange, how the safest place a man

or woman

can ever be, is a place so short lived

Thumping, Thumping, Thumping

We know not where the beating originates

but for the better part of a year, this beating

is our lullaby

The only place, where a sense of mortality

has no hold on the occupant

We know not of the coldness we face

all we know is warmth

Strange, how our beginnings, start with a lie

no preparation predates the harsh realities,

we face

Safe. Secure. Small?

Why is our only world shrinking?

Invaders! Invasive immigrants!

tentacled tacticians, linger on the limbs,

hold the head.

What is this?

There is no warmth.

There is no home.

Cold chills the body, our new world is

received with the brunt of assault

Our shrill screams fill the air, defiant in nature,

yet to no avail.

There is no returning.

It’s funny how our safest, securest world

was a world of lies

a world that does not prepare.

The new world does not lie

the honesty is brutal.

The cold, the pain, the assault.

It’s a mere fraction of what lies ahead.

Oh. what of the womb?

What of the womb?