For a Better Life

By Venesa West

From across the sea and Caribbean breeze to the city lights that hide the moon

To upstate where the cold chill, that holds still

And grips me with fear.

I’ll be here for the next three years!

A son left behind to swim I tears

We had never been separated

Until now.

Still now, the nights seem longer

The calls decrease

I cannot sleep

I contemplate the decision made

Is the gain worth the loss?

They say this is freedom, but clearly at a very high cost!

I’ve missed your first birthday in your nine years of life.

I can never make up for that

No matter how many gifts I send or how many videos I make,

it won’t negate the fact that I wasn’t there to see you blow out the candles on your cake.

But mommy needs an education so you can have one too.

I know right now you won’t understand, and I don’t expect you to.

For I myself don’t understand, but

what was I to do?

I need you to be strong for me and don’t get overcome, because before you’ve winked your eyes

the summer would’ve come.


With me you’ll surely be, as we were before

Under the same roof of possibilities

Walking on my redwood floor.