How To Fasten A Small, Typically Round, Cake of Bread [Leavened with Baking Powder, Baking Soda, or Sometimes Yeast] (After… Julio Cortazar)

By Naji B Simmons

Expose yourself to danger, precarious possibilities, innate

attractions, potential harm and/or loss, judgments of

importance, important judgments, dreams, and acquisitions of


Locate the thing (s) or the one (s) you want most. The meniscus

pens the most accurate baking measurements. Check there.

Determine what you are willing to do (if anything at all...) to

obtain it.

Compromise your nature.

Embrace it.


A person of value or

The thing you hate most.

This may be the strongest clasp in your efforts to buckle down.

Bittersweet— fascinations of necessity and esteem.

Longing to fantasize and foothold in proximity to desires


Jeopardize it. Gamble them. Try a different currency.

The trade masked in peril unmasks as mastery and if not, add


Always- add power and money. Imagine.

The mediator breaks off a piece for himself: the President. The

diplomat inside listens and since the poet took the biscuit, he

fastens that cake from his side of things, the head of the


Naji Simmons

Mad Man

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