My Tragic Hero

By Wendy Bermejo

All I can do is beg you to stop

But you won’t listen to me. You

Can’t look me in the eye. You

Don’t acknowledge me when I get angry at you.

Even when I get really angry at you.

Fuck. You

Gave me some treasured memories yes,

Hell some of my happiest moments had you in them.

I can’t say I’m not grateful for you.

Just like I can’t say I hate you.

Kind of wish I could though.

Like every other little girl, I too needed my father.

Mine was never fully there though. He was

Not willing to put down the bottle long enough to have a conversation with his kids.

Of course he’d say he’s quit when the rest of the family kept nagging him about it.

Por favor dejame en paz is what he’d say when he had enough of the nagging. I

Quickly realized trying to help you was just a waste of time.

Rather a waste of breath. The

So called father-daughter bonding I never got.

The so called father-daughter bonding I always wanted.

Ultimately I knew that would never happen for us. It was just a waste of your

“Valuable” time.

Wendy I love you he’d say meaninglessly.

You don’t know how much I still need you in my life but you’re just a

Zero walking among the family, my tragic hero.