Oh Rats

By Alyssa Wozlonis

I wanted more time than I got, but I didn’t get it, oh rats

I wanted more to life than what people usually get, oh rats

I went to the gas station today to fill the tank of my car

I look to the right of my blue car and what do I see, oh, rats

I woke up in the middle of the cold night to my garbage can

Something broke and the noises were loud, I said to myself, oh, rats?

I was talking to my friend and she was telling me she loved them

They were giant, red eye, and rugged creatures... what? Must be, oh... rats!

I was waiting for the train to come and I saw it happening

The pizza was being dragged from one end to the other, oh rats!

I never saw it before, until he approached me in his suit

When you look at Mickey Mouse a certain way, he’s a big OH RATS!