Night Outside The Theater III

By Bryan Ball

Listen to the Trash Can Beat.  

Beat to the rhythm of the feet!

Feet that down the streets tear.  

Tear through all those siren blares!

Blare, Trash Can Beater, to the Regal Halls.  

Halls that need that wakeup call!

Call to those who sleep.

Sleep through the Trash Can’s beat!

Beata bop bop bop bop 

ratata tat tat tat ta tatat

scat scat tisk tisk tisk scat scat

beata bop bop bop

ratata tat tat tat ta tatat 

scat scat tisk tisk tisk scat scat!

Scat those periods and exclaims. 

Exclaim what they call lame!

Lame is the sound of the tears.  

Tears that too long have filled our ears!

Ears that are filled with so many years.

Years of sounds of the true and honest beat!

Of the Trash Can Beater on the street.