No Longer Light-Years

By Alyssa Palladino

above dead bodies,
and torn up dirt,
night and day embrace
without the separation
of space.

always admiring
from afar, a long distance,
questioning the meaning
behind their existence.

Luna yearned for a flower,
the warmth of day,
a touch of adventure,
a wild ray.

Sol dreamed of constellations,
a sultry cool calm,
a star to soothe,
every qualm.

gravity pulled them together,
fate had it be so,
only the two of them mattered,
no other cosmo.

dawn and dusk are now endless.
a violet universe.
they are no longer responsible
to be this world’s nurse.

though the sea ceased to roll,
and the tribes slowly died,
it was still worth the destruction
to share the same sky.