Night sea, Infinity

By Naomi McPeters

I kind of like this space I'm in

Black eyes staring out 

Into nothing, seeing everything

Black skies staring back


Someone is talking

About love

What is love in the face of the infinite?

Does it exist, is it supreme?

Someone is talking about the waves

Of the sea

The sea, speaks of eternity

To gaze upon it at nighttime

Is dangerous

Alone, to stare at the water's foam

To gaze across the endless space

To fill one's eyes with the sea

That speaks to the infinite

Is alluring

Don't look

You may desire to leap there

Don't look

Never alone, and never at night

But if you dare,

Cast your eye down upon the raging swell

Let it penetrate down into the darkness below

Where no light can reach

Light, that only shimmers far above...

Someone is talking to me 

About love

Remember when darkness first took its form

In the void?

Before that, what was there?

Was there nothing?

Before that, Who was there?

There was God.