Oh How I Love Chocolate

By Alyssa Wozlonis

My mother told me not to let Coco out of her cage, but I couldn’t help it. She was just a

puppy, and she was so tiny and cute. I would sit in front of her cage listening to her cry and it

just broke my heart, so I decided to let her out. I couldn’t even remember why I wasn’t supposed

to let her out in the first place. I just wanted to hold her and give her the biggest cuddles I could

offer. However, as soon as I let her out, she ran. She ran all around the apartment, but because

she was so fucking fast, I couldn’t catch her. I was looking everywhere for her, and I was trying

to do it quickly before my mom got out of the shower. So I ran in my moms room to see if she

went in there. When I walk in, I see this big piece of chocolate on the bed. I figured that now is a

perfect time to stop for a chocolate break. I pick it up with my hands to see it totally fall apart.

Only to realize that it wasn’t chocolate at all. I took a deep sigh, and in that exact moment, I

remembered why I couldn’t let her out of the cage. It was time for her walk....