On a Lonely Night

By Gillian C. Tapawan

There have been many nights, ones like these
You know the kind when your head’s not at ease
The kind that cause a rattle, a quake
A tremble, a tremor, a shake

Replay the day over and over
Actions and words more blurred than sober
You’ve messed up, you’ve chosen wrong
You’ve stepped on his foot during the slow dance song

You’ve lost a love, actually you’ve lost a few
You lay there every night wishing they were still with you
You’ve lied to yourself and distraction keeps your smile
But it’s sparkle is gone, burned out by stage lights,
And fights...

You’re finding new truths freshly picked from the lies
Today’s film is still rolling, as are the tears in your eyes
You’ve lost your way and
“I wanna go home” is all you say

Breathing irregular, existence questionable
Waking up in a few hours and being required to act professional
You should be used to this you say, these nights are nothing new
But you feel you’re just done, there’s nothing you can do

But the gold shimmer cracking through your window disagrees
Perhaps it’s not easy to see
That brightness calls to you, the you that you’d like to be
And you’ve been blessed with another day for that chase
Another lock, but also another key.

So take a little time and not too much
You are the here and you are the now
feel…. regain your touch
It’s not your turn for a final bow

Toss and turn, review every loss and win
The breaths and beats that remain
All will pass soon enough
As the world takes your hand for yet another spin