by Luciano Ferrara

Another show, gig, set. Another bar, beer. Drink.

Take a seat. You don’t know anyone here. Not yet.

Feel a tap on your shoulder and spazz out before you think,

Turn around. See that face. It’s nine at night, but here’s a sunset.


What are you doing here? Who would that question be for?

You? Her? The bartender? The bouncer at the door?

It’s for you. You knew that before you thought it.

Nothing surprises you anymore.

Except earlier, when there was a soft hand on your shoulder and a laugh that sent spiraling chills down to your core.


The energy was there, swimming in between

Two bodies, pulling them in close, like a weave.

I could live in this moment, even if I drown in the levee

Or get shocked by the sparks that we create, just from proximity.

It’s like chemistry, but deadly.


I’d mix my carbon life and death with the oxygen from your breath

If I could risk a chance to taste your poisonous depths,

Pick your brain, find out what you meant when you said

You’d like to see me more often, but then went dark instead.

It’s hard to accept, but I must have misread the disarming nature in your smile and the effects of your flowered scent.


But it’s so hard to hold back when it feels like that flood

That I nearly choked on when it surrounded my heart

Is breaking the gates down and mingling my blood in

With the drugs that flow from each part

Of this masterpiece you tote around, a beautiful work of fine art.

I'm a periodical comic strip, you're the Louvre; counterparts.


Accept the circumstances. It's cool man, fresh start.

LUCIANO FERRARA is a junior at SUNY Albany and a member of the English Honor Society. Excelling in creative writing and fiction, Luciano is also an accomplished lyricist and songwriter. He is currently working on a fantasy novel and hopes to graduate with honors from UAlbany, and attend grad school in an effort to become an author and an important part of the modern literary world. He is a contributing writer for the music press site The Alternative and is releasing a solo record, "The Divide", on May 4th.