Questions for a Method Actor

Malcolm Flanigan

If your character were a famous historical stone mason, who would they be? If you had to choose

a science, which would you choose? Entomology? Would your character be the study of insects?

What kind of fungus, native to the Galapagos, would grow on your character? Where would your

character go if they robbed a liquor store? Would they take money, or liquor? When clouds form

over their house, would they remain indoors or would they venture into the falling rain and the

bolts of lightning. When would they come through town if they were a tornado? And cheese?

What kind of cheese? Would they be able to pull the sword from the stone? How many teeth are

in their pocket? What dead languages do they speak? Remember the growths on their arm? How

are those doing? How do they get up in the morning? How do they look in the mirror? Why are

there so many mirrors in their bathroom? And so many pipes, even though there is no toilet nor

sink? And why is the water grey? And where do you think the puddles that your character keeps

falling into lead? To a door? To a woodchipper? Or to an interior of a labyrinthine mansion,

lined with chipped marble statues of Hermes? When they get there, do they talk to the man in the

red robe holding the long scythe? What does he say to them? Something about ‘origin?’ When he

gestures down the hall, and the torches extinguish, why does your character still have a shadow?

And why does their shadow move about the hall, separating from the body out of which it