Scar Tissue

By Rick Livan

I’ve been broken before but I was able to rebuild 

But that’s like cracking a cup a getting a refill 

I’m me still, I remind myself all the time 

But you don’t need to be an actor to repeat a line 

I’ll be fine, the lies you tell yourself are thee worst 

It’s like I blew a steel bubble so it could not be burst  

I feel cursed, plagued by thoughts of what we were 

It’s like I’m trapped in a cell and cannot flee her 

It’s deeper, like the thoughts are engraved on my bones 

I thought the only things that hurt were sticks and stones, 

I’m me though? What could possibly be changed? 

Break a plate arrange the pieces tell me is it thee same? 

I refrain, from putting an end to the charade  

I’m waiting for the day my smiles washes in the rain 

I’m betrayed, I didn’t know you were capable of this 

It’s like I’m dreaming and I’ll be woken by a kiss 

I loved it, you were as perfect as could be yet 

You’ve become someone I’ve grown to resent 

Press reset; let’s go back to when it was great 

When I felt a polar opposite to what I’ve of late 

I can’t wait, around for you another day 

I’m moving on so the torture goes away 

But I will say, that we did have a blast, 

I’ll always remember this as a happy part of my past, 

Went real fast, but you’ll always have a place in my heart, 

Who knows maybe we could get a fresh start, 

I’ll bet smart, and say that we will meet again 

Maybe we be lucky next time and it could work then 

I’m certain, that everything we had was real 

The high was something not all get to feel. 

I will heal, not without accepting what things will shift to 

Ill adapt to the conditions even though it’s new 

That’s the heart’s issue 

It can’t be broken without leaving scar tissue 

I miss you.