second star to the right  

sienna jones

A boy without a shadow visited my window last night

Bringing with him the

Cold of dawn

Dripping sweat and


From his journey, he

Greeted me with mystic eyes and superstition

He wore leaves for clothes and there was dirt

In his hair

Just as I got up he

Knelt down and stared at me for a

Long moment

Mimicking my facial expressions

Next he scanned the room

Observing my belongings and

Paintings mounted on the walls

Quick as a mouse he

Rushed behind the door at the

Sound of distant footsteps echoing

Through the hall

Until they reached the threshold

Vacant eyes whispered goodnight as

Weak hands clutched at the doorknob

“X marks the spot!” he shouted, handing me a

Yellowing scroll and

Zipped away towards neverland

Sienna Jones is a freshman at the University at Albany. Originally from Yonkers, NY Sienna is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Film Studies. She’s always had a knack for writing and loves the opportunity to explore different forms. In her free time, Sienna is an avid reader and movie buff. She hopes to one day work in film.