Self Portrait (after Eduardo C. Corral)  

Allanah Nunez

I’m a sore body.

Late nights

and even later mornings.

I ‘m forgotten sunsets,

and not enough sugar in coffee.

I’m empty parking lots.


I’m Crisp fall air that reminds you

to wear a chunky sweater.

I’m snacks at midnight

and interrupted naps.

I’m celebration slash mourning,

                                                             More likely mourning slash celebration.


I’m cold

train seats

and dreaded morning jogs

I’m post-it’s

Falling off a wall.

A tree falling

                           in the forest


in an attic.

Fully stocked shelves

and long check-out lines.

The smell of spring and

Flowers in the trash.


My heart slowly slipping

from the loose thread attached to my sleeve.

The word no

To the dreamers.